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The ShekelIn Biblical times a "Shekel" was a weight of silver. When the ancient Judeans fought for religious freedom against the Romans, the 'Shekel' was a silver coin. Since 1967, "The Shekel" has been an award winning entertaining and informative quarterly magazine - that is called "The Journal of Israel and Jewish History and Numismatics." But you don't have to be Jewish to enjoy this fully illustrated information-packed magazine. For instance articles have included Bible Quotations on Mormon Coins, Shroud of Turin Coin Theory Disputed, the Widow's Mite, and so on. Plus articles about Anti-Semitic Medals Through History, Anne Frank, Albert Einstein, Raoul Wallenberg, Hank Greenberg, etc. Members can read original articles and selected material from around the world in each 48-page issue of "The Shekel" - at a cost of less than 10 cents per day.


The subscription to "The Shekel" magazine is one of the best bargains around. Yet you receive more! When you subscribe you automatically become a member of the American Israel Numismatic Association ... and receive information about new coins and medals issued by Israel, as well as ancient Judaean coins, coins of the Holy Land, etc.


You will also receive the annual AINA commemorative medal, a membership card, and information about our annual convention.

Membership dues:
US - Annual $25 or 2 Years for $48
Other Countries - Annual $35 or 2 Years for $67
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